The Association has established the MHS
Alumni Association Wildcat Fund.

Priority # 1
The WILDCAT FUND will fund planning, design, and professional “construction” of a pedestrian accessible memorial site we call “Wildcat Spirit” park to be located near the former MHS school on College Street. Funding received will provide for the construction and a self-perpetuating maintenance plan that’s been mutually agreed to with the current property owners, the NCSD at Morganton Foundation/Alder Springs. Two additional phases planned are an interpretive walking trail on the property. The NCSD Foundation has agreed to provide a dedicated space in its future community building that would ultimately house and display donated MHS artifacts and memorabilia.

Priority # 2
MHSWAA and the WILDCAT FUND have created a legacy endowment for educating citizens, intended to assure and improve the quality of life of Burke County citizens. Examples would be scholarships for Burke County residents, children or area resident relatives of MHSWAA, or support of Morganton area civic projects. IMPORTANT to NOTE! An arrangement exists with the Community Foundation of Burke County (CFBC), an established nonprofit (501c3), to receive all gifts, donations and pledges made on behalf of the MHSWAA WILDCAT FUND. The foundation would make operational and qualifying disbursements as directed and approved by the MHSWAA Board of Directors. Donations or pledges may be made in person to the CFBC office or by mail.


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Who We Are

Morganton High School “Wildcats” Alumni Association

The MHS Wildcat Alumni Association was formed to promote and perpetuate the MHS “Wildcat Spirit” that resonates in the community. To accomplish its goals their focus has been to establish a capital program to build a permanent physical memorial and provide for its perpetual maintenance and care. Additionally, the Association established an endowment called the “Wildcat Legacy Fund”. This endowment managed by the Community Foundation of Burke County will make available annual distributions to locally selected programs and institutions.

Alumni Association “membership” is opened to all that attended Morganton High School their families and heirs also to include those that attended Morganton Junior High School. Membership is easily accomplished by providing and maintaining a current email or mailing address with the Association. Corporate memberships are open
to those businesses and corporations that make donations in support of the Association goals and provide and maintain a current email or mailing address with the Association.


Join Now


How Can I Help?


We are delighted you’ve asked how you can help. Our initial campaign goal is $500,000 to construct the Memorial and to seed the Wildcat Fund Endowment.

Donations may be made to the “Wildcat Fund” in care of the Community Foundation of Burke County (CFBC-Wildcat Memorial and Endowment) at 123 North Sterling Street, Morganton, 28655.

“At the end of the day, the contributions and our lives are documented in a few lines on a tombstone and columns of an obituary.”

It is hoped that this period of your life growing and learning at MHS can become a permanent memory incorporated into this MEMORIAL and ENDOWMENT!!!

Gift, Donate and PLEDGE, nOW

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What We're Doing


in 1992 the educational icon of the City of Morganton and our youth disappeared leaving only our imagination and memory to recall experiences of years past. It is as if a part of our individual histories have been erased.

Classes holding MHS Class Reunions have shown great interest in wishing to memorialize this institution of our youth. As a result, a suggestion was made to “pool” each class’s resources and ideas to ensure the “Wildcat Spirit” and Morganton High School are not forgotten.

In a collaborative effort a number of Morganton High School alumni have worked to establish a Morganton High School Wildcat Alumni Association Board of Directors, whose goal was to form a capital plan and create a three phase physical/visible high school Memorial and Endowment.

In addition, the Endowment to be known as the “Wildcat Fund” has been established and will be administered and managed by the Community Foundation of Burke County. The proceeds from this fund will be directed to construction of the planned memorial, and in time funds from the endowment will be directed to a variety of educational and cultural programs in Burke County.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision
The Morganton High School Wildcat Alumni Association will perpetuate the legacy of the MHS Wildcats in name and spirit. The Association will advance the quality of life by contributing to the educational and economic vitality of our community.

Our Mission

  • Formalize and grow the alumni membership while connecting students who attended.
  • Morganton High School with access to information and school memories through technology.
  • Construct a permanent “Wildcat Spirit” Park as a memorial at the original site of Morganton High School.
  • Develop a Morganton High School Endowment Fund to expand and support educational initiatives and charitable projects focused on improving our community.


Morganton High School
“Wildcat Spirit” Park

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What you see above is a visual rendering of the proposed first phase of the MHS memorial that is to be constructed on the property where in 1927 our high school first opened.

HOW DID WE ARRIVE AT THIS JUNCTURE? Since MHS was demolished, the school, now private property, is being developed by the Alder Springs Deaf and Blind Community, a nonprofit 501(c)(3). They are an innovative organization incorporating advanced technologies designed to address the unique needs of deaf and blind seniors.

We have worked closely with the Alder Springs Community to create a collaborative alliance to allow a MHS Memorial to progress to reality on the property.

WHAT IS ENVISIONED? In an effort to incorporate a number of meaningful elements into the memorial design, you can see in the above rendering, elevated circular seating that reflects the “Wildcat” mascot. Additional elements with the School Alma Mater, front view of MHS and the Fight Song are to be inscribed in a location to be determined.

Elevated Seat
with Compass
and Bronze Inset

Click image to see higher resolution photo

The first phase of the MHS memorial will include a walkway and retaining wall, various textures and elements of stone surrounded by attractive landscaping.

This undertaking is a three-phased campaign. The first phase is to construct and complete the memorial and garden.

The proposed second phase will be an interpretive walking trail around the property with reflective memory signage of our high school experiences.

In the third and final phase of MHS Memorial, the Alder Springs Community projected plans include a Community Building on their property providing a dedicated interior space to display more of the MHS story.

The historic significance that Morganton High School made to this community developing character and educating those fortunate to have been part of the fabric of this institution is rich and immeasurable. To keep the “Wildcat Spirit” alive this undertaking will be phased and so will the capital campaign to accomplish our goals.

Our goals are to preserve and promote the “Wildcat Spirit” through this Memorial and Endowment!

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